Simulate Records: Concept Development

In the next phase of prototyping I began experimenting with the  various possibilities  involved in this RFID ‘virtual music’ concept  and taking a more direct approach to the  simulation of vinyl records. Using the laser cutter I  started prototyping with  various    materials and sizes of sheet acrylic and plywood to create 7 and 12  inch replicate  records to house the new small RFID capsules that  I bought to fit inside. The good I’ve  realised so far through prototyping is that  RFID reader that I have bought is very good  at picking up the chips within around a 4 or 5 inch range and scanning through wood  and plastic of up to 6mm depth doesn’t seem to be a problem. In terms of housing these  chips I have two options for this concept, either sandwiching the capsules between two  thin sheets of plastic or wood or opting for a thicker sheet (around 5mm) and taking a  thin drill bit to the side to embed it.

Laser record41

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