Design Development and Material Selection

For my player I wanted to keep a overall classic look, with nostalgic influence from old wooden gramophones but also have an element of sleekness relating to the modern technology that is embedded within. One of the things that I gathered from my research was a side comment from someone that I had a conversation with via the Discogs forums and he made the observation that there is a lot of vinyl enthusiasts who are also who enjoy and very much appreciate bespoke furniture for the vinyl records, the players themselves and the surrounding listening environments.

In my search for materials I ventured out to Dunkeld to visit a sawmill called Brodies Timber. Here I got a good chance to spend a while browsing the samples to choose what kind of overall look I wanted to go for the player. In the end I settled on a large 1″ piece of Ash which is relatively light and has interesting grain patterns and swirls with I feel subconsciously relates to the rings on the records.


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