Stage One Prototyping

IMG_0129 For my project I have decided to go forward with the  various RFID scanning ‘tangible music’ concepts in a  player, to create an  interactive experience similar to  that of playing vinyl records. One of my initial ideas  involved housing the RFID chips inside small wooden  balls, so the some of my initial stages of experience  prototyping  using a mock up of wooden balls and  railings to simulate the ‘tonearm’ that would be needed  to support them and replicating the form of a vinyl  turntable. With an RFID chip stuck onto the end of the  ‘arm’ I began doing some basic initial proximity testing on the scanner and experience prototyping with the wooden balls triggering the songs to see if the interaction created was interesting enough and feasible. Things that I like about this concept are the feel of holding a bunch of the spheres in your hand and the rings on the wood which is a running design theme that I aim to keep throughout the project, paying homage to old record player designs but also the rings in the wood relating to the rings and grooves on vinyl records. Initial problems that I can see with this idea are the packaging of the spheres as the sizes I have been prototyping with has ranging diameters of 20mm-40mm. I had been thinking about housing them in a traditionally styled 12″ record sleeve with a vacuum formed plastic inner tray like a box of chocolates, however thinking about this brought up another issue with differentiating between each ball and song when a bundle were together. The only solutions to this would ruin the look of the spheres with information or for the user to physically scan each sphere to find out what each song was and displaying that ID3 information from each mp3 on a small screen on the player, which I also thing would take away from the classic look I am going for with this concept.




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