Initial Sketch and Wood Prototyping

Moving on with the ‘record spheres’ concept has lead to some prototyping with the ‘player’ for these RFID records. Initially I have been thinking of a conventional record player format, retaining the classic rituals and experiences of putting on a vinyl. In this form the tone arm could consist of two parallel rails for the sphere shapes to rest on or move along. On these rails 5 or 6 tracks on individual spheres could sit with the one at the end of the arm being detected by the RFID scanner. When the next song is done or the next track is desired to start the sphere currently playing could be lifted off the rails and the remaining spheres could roll down taking the place of the previous, subsequently being scanned and playing the next track. These early MDF mock ups accompanied by sketches will be followed up by some proximity testing of the distances each sphere needs to be in order for a scan to register and also things like the size of the records spheres, rail arm etc.

IMG_0122 IMG_0118 concept sketching

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