Concept Development

My initial research into vinyl has lead me to focus in on a few of the characteristics that  people love about collecting and playing records. The aspect of physicality and being  able to hold a hard copy of recorded music not only justifies the money being spent on  the music but develops an individual attachment and sense of owner ship for that  record. Users can physically catalogue and search for records where they are stored on  shelves, record crates etc. They also cannot be as easily erased without actively  breaking or throwing out the vinyl, unlike on computers where vast amounts of songs  can be discarded with the click of a mouse.

This physicality and sense of ownership is something I would like to investigate much  further in my concept development. In my initial post about technology I discussed the  idea of using RFID chips to create a bridge between the music on a computer and a  physical interaction that could enhance the experience of playing songs through  software such as iTunes. Some initial thoughts on this area would be the placement of  chips in some kind of housing that would allow the songs to be ‘held’ again. One of the  first ways I thought of doing this would be small RFID ‘mini discs’ which is a  possibility but I feel would be a bit too obvious and could look a bit gimmicky. Some of the other more interesting versions such as ‘record spheres’ and embedding chips in full sized cut records with proper 12″ sized packaging that could compliment all the classic elements of records that vinyl enthusiasts love, combining it with the practically of playing and storing songs on computer library.


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