Arduino One of my initial concepts directly involves creating  more of a physical experience when playing music  through a computer. The Arduino microcontroller can  be hacked via midi conversion software in order to  work with or control various programmes which could  provide the bridge between the sound and the desired  interaction for my project. So far I am looking into a  number of methods through programmes and plugins  such as Q-Lab, Midi-Stroke, Bome, Max MSP and Pure  Data.

Another method of creating this bridge between the technological and interactive aspects of my concepts could be through the use of RFID chips and Scannable technology. Through some of the midi plug-ins listed above there are various ways of making the RFIDs trigger different reactions and controlling software functions. This could be used in relation to some of my concepts to trigger songs on iTunes or other programmes covering this technological side of the interactions I wish to replicate or create.

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