Guru’s Day: Design, People and Technology

On December 5th a design day was arranged by our  tutors Graham and Chris, to showcase our design  research to a select group of industry professionals and  receive relevant feedback in relation to the final degree  show and beyond. The format that we were to display  our work in was different to previous years who created  ‘design cabinets’. However we were encouraged to  create an engaging display in the rough space a cabinet  would take, splitting up our research into three  categories of People, Design and Technology. Given this flexibility with the display themes I decided to take advantage of the rich interactions involved in my project with physical vinyl records and print off my project research and early concept stages onto record sleeves. I created two full size 12″ records, one to describe ‘Technology’ and the other  the background information of my project. I then built a small wooden record ‘crate’ filled with small 7″ record sleeves showing the ‘Design’ themes of my project and the ‘People’ category with some of the feedback and analysis from my online user research.

This presentation 
replicates the interactive experience  of  browsing through records in a store, that the Guru’s  and other attendees of the design day could hold, flip  and flick through my work as I presented. The  feedback I gained from this theme was very positive  and one Guru in particular called Tim Regan from  Microsoft, encouraged me to carry this form through to  the degree show and replicate a small record store or  stall as a way of drawing people in and engaging them. To create these records I created net sleeve shapes on illustrator and printed onto card to then cut and glue together, putting vinyl records inside each to enhance this experience. This however was quite expensive for the two 12″ records due to the full net only fitting onto A1 card to print so for my next phase in this running theme I will have to look into other cheaper ways of creating the nets or getting them manufactured in bulk.

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