Discogs: User Research

One thing I have noticed about the vinyl record community is the interactive and helpful attitude collectors have towards each other. As part of my research I ran a forum discussion on Discogs and was overwhelmed by the instant response and willingness to help by taking time out to answer my questions. This attitude I think is reminiscent of the experiences of shopping in record stores, a culture of conversing about music, sharing records and forming personal relationships with fellow shoppers and staff. Overall I received around 40 responses from collectors and enthusiasts all over the world, which provided some very rich initial research material for me to begin generating concepts. In this research I aimed to speak to a variety of people who were both extreme vinyl collectors and those who bought records leisurely. After posting in the forum looking for help I had private discussions with may different types of vinyl enthusiasts and identified many of the positive and negatives of collecting and listening to vinyl records.

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